“20/20” is the beginning to good vision, not the end. “20/20” refers only to visual acuity and is merely a static measurement of the clarity of a person’s eyesight. Vision, on the other hand, is a dynamic and integrated brain process that provides us with knowledge about our world and involves not only eyesight but all the senses. This process requires a healthy visual system to not only coordinate the eyes with speed and accuracy in all directions, but also as a team from near to far – and back again. An adequate and rapid focusing mechanism to clear the images our brain receives quickly, effectively, and efficiently help us find meaning from what we see.

Vision is learned. Learning how to see is a skill like any other skill. It requires practice through meaningful interactions with our environment. From this process we learn the skills needed to have good vision. Visual acuity is just one of these skills. The visual process begins in utero and requires movement to fully develop, and consequently provides us with information about our world and is therefore unique to each person.

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